Virtual Assistant for Customer Support

virtual assistant for customer support

An online store is in need of a Virtual Assistant for Customer Support with accounting and bookkeeping knowledge.

Here are main requirements for this part time position:
* Strong English skills (reading, writing and speaking).
* Have their own computer.
* Have reliable Internet access at home. (DSL)
* Have Microsoft Excel installed on the computer.
* Intermediate to advance knowledge of Microsoft Excel. This is very important!
* Has accounting / bookkeeping knowledge
* Integrity working with sensitive company financial information.
* Previous experience as VA for at least 6 months.

You will be working at night, US time. This is a part time, home-based job.

Rates will be discussed by the 2nd interview.

Send your application letter and resume to:mariadomingo

In your application letter, say something about yourself and why you should be hired, minimum of 100 words. You’ll be contacted once you pass preliminary screening.

Good luck!