Home Based Outbound Agents

computer headset

Home based jobs are available to those telemarketing experience.

A company is looking for of 2 to 4 home based outbound agents. They need someone who has experience in doing outbound calls or telemarketing.


  • Basic familiarity with excel
  • At least 2 years sales experience (preferably in telemarketing)
  • Neutral English accent
  • Can deliver a script like a natural conversation (must hit key words/phrases, otherwise they can say whatever feels natural)

Job Details:

This is a 40 hour work week (split between 4 agents for the first week as a project test).

Calling hours are from 9am to 11:30am, and 1:00pm to 5pm Mountain Time. More regions will be added for wider time zone options after the test.

Agent must have memorized the script before beginning work.

A minimum expectation is that an average of 1 in 4 calls will result in booked appointments

I would think applicants should have a Windows based Operating System that has a  stable Internet connection. Of course, a headset with a micrphone would help. Surroundings should be quiet.

The rate for these home based outbound agents is $4 per hour.

Send your recording and resume to nscanizares @ gmail.com. A 1 to 2 minute voice recording would be good, not less than 1 minute but not more than 2.

This ad was posted by Nysa S. Canizares on Facebook. Please contact her for more information.