FunnyEdu Message

I received an email from Teacher Melanie of FunnyEdu: Your site has been a big help to our company to get excellent teachers. Thanks very much. It's good to know I was able to help! :) Please check out the updated ad of FunnyEdu for online English

Virtual Assistant Scholarship Program

Jay Pasana of the Philippine Virtual Assistant Network Facebook Group has created a virtual assistant scholarship program for people who are looking to become a virtual assistant but have no idea how or what to do and where to start.

Getting Sick as a Freelance Virtual Assistant

Getting sick as a freelance virtual assistant isn't an easy thing. As a freelance virtual assistant, you don't get any benefits since you're not really an employee of your client. You are an independent contractor so you don't get bonuses, paid vacation days, etc. Although there are some clients or companies that give bonuses and