Japanese Company Looking For Part Time Online Home Based English Instructors

online home based english

I found this on Facebook. This is for a part time online home based English instructors. Please read the instructions carefully before applying.

A Japanese on-line company is looking for Part Time Online Home-Based English Instructors.

1. Bachelor / associate degree in any fields, preferably in education.
2. Can speak English with Good Pronunciation and Neutral Accent.
3. High proficient in written and oral English, can kids and teens ages 5 to 18 years old using English text books provided by the company.
4. Excellent communication skills
5. At least 1 year experience of teaching online is preferred.
6. Should have basic computer skills.
7. Home-based, must be willing to work at least 4 hours from 4:00 P.M to 10:00P.M
8. Experience in teaching, or licensed teachers are highly welcomed.
9. Willing to undergo training and can start after the interview and demo class.
10. Must be flexible and creative.
11. Japanese speaker is an advantage.
12. Can easily follow special instructions.

Must have stable internet connection, preferably DSL or Cable internet
(NO USB modem), with not less than 1.5mbps plan.
Equipped with webcam & headset with noise cancellation
Candidates are expected to be
1. Has the Passion for teaching, pleasant personality and friendly to foreign students
2. Must be responsible, punctual and is well at time management
3. Friendly, approachable and is well-mannered
4. Must be patient, flexible, dynamic and creative in teaching students;
5. Detail-oriented, pro-active and seeks to develop professionalism

Work comfortably from home.
Flexible time schedule
Salary Scheme with Appraisal starting from 130 to 160

Incentives for weekend classes, attendance and performance

For interested applicants please send your CV and 1 minute video recording of yourself introduction with transcript to:


Send your resumes to Gavine Luther