Home Based Educators to Teach English Online


A company is in need home based teachers to teach English online. Part time Teachers are welcome. They are also in need of NATIVE SPEAKERS who are staying in the Philippines.

Qualification / Requirements:

* Has excellent English skill.
* Preferably College graduate
* Knowledgeable in business English and English grammar.
* Has stable / good internet connection. (for home based)
* Can work with less supervision.
* Applicants work at home but a quiet working place must be guaranteed.
* Committed to follow the chosen schedule
* 3-4 years teaching experience On-line, Man to man and ESL will be a plus factor


* Punctual with high sense of responsibility
* Check the individual needs of each student.
* Must correct students when they commit grammar mistakes
* Teach the Chinese students on how to speak in English fluently.
* Able to identify students’ needs
* Monitor and evaluate student’s progress (Daily and Monthly evaluation)

Schedule :
Everyday (Monday to Sunday) 10:00 am to 11:00 pm
Weekend schedule will have different rate from weekdays. (but only for JASON ENGLISH ACCOUNT)
PEAK HOURS : 6-11pm
Part timers : should be available at night and with fixed schedule

Don’t forget to add these interviewer’s skype IDs: umegaoka_2 Miss Myrtle and umegaoka_9543 Miss Cha-cha