Work from home as a Web Search Evaluator


Work from home as a Web Search Evaluator (part time).

Here are some details

They are looking for “Internet-savvy” Web Search Evaluators. The job involves “contemplating user intent, comparing webpages, and then determining which one has the best relevance.”

They need someone who is highly interested in working on the Internet, someone who knows how to use different browsers. Excellent research skills, critical thinking and decision making skills are also required.

There’s a language test because they need people who are fluent in written and verbal English.

Rate:  3.50 Dollars per hour
Native Language: English Philippines

Register here:

You can find more information including requirements here.

They hire people from all over the world.

I applied and passed the first screening but I didn’t get to do the 2nd process because they had some system issues. I backed out, one of my clients needed someone to take care of customer service.

The company seems legit.