Humanatic Call Reviewer


A friend of mine referred this site to me. It looks legit. For those who have nothing better to do and would like to make some money while killing time, join this site.

Humanatic is a crowd sourced solution for call categorization that filters, sorts, and tags calls for new business opportunities.

Humanatic uses human call reviewers who work from home reviewing leads and identifying those that represent an opportunity for new business.

Was this person calling to inquire about new business?
Were they simply following up on a current order?
Did the caller dial a wrong number?

Humanatic filters through calls like these to find the calls that are extra important and delivers them for listening and optimization.

Basically, you listen to calls and provide feedback about the call. 1 task with an average of 15 seconds will pay you 1.1 cents. They pay may seem small but there are a lot of people who do this.  You need a lot of time and some amount of patience to do this.

Once you’re registered you have to choose the type of calls you want to review:


Then review calls and mark the correct category :

I just discovered that you need to register using your Paypal email address. When I registered, I didn’t need to do that. It is important to have a Paypal account first if you want to be a Humanatic Call Reviewer.

Here is their website:

This is their Facebook page: