All Around Virtual Assistant

all around virtual assistant

A friend is looking for an all around virtual assistant. The company she works for needs someone to do customer support and admin tasks. This is a home based online job.

For starters, the workload will be very light and this might be a full-time job in the long run.

Roles and Responsibilities:
– Sorting orders based on post code
– Looking for errors in orders and contacting customers to resolve these errors.
– Sending orders to our warehouses.
– Occasional research/data entry.

– Good customer service manner (we need someone that’s more “Ace Hotel” than “corporate” in you tone).
– Knowledge of Google Docs and Excel.

Initially, you will need to work around 4 hours a day. As you become more comfortable with the job, you will need to work a bit more till you can work full time for the company. You need a keen eye for detail since you have to check for errors. Good command of the English language is also needed.

There’s going to be training for 1 week for this all around virtual assistant job.

The supervisor for this job lives in Pasig so she prefers someone who lives there or is willing to travel everyday for 5 days for training. She needs to train you for 1 week before you go live.

This is a non-voice job. Phone calls will be done by your supervisor.

Please submit your application through this form.

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