Data Entry Virtual Assistant

Data Entry Virtual Assistant


I’m looking to train someone who needs a break as a virtual assistant. This is a data entry virtual assistant job.

This entails mostly data entry, data management and a bit of research.

Below is the list of initial responsibilities:

  • Compile data from online resources for marketing purposes
  • Researching public records and county records
  • Creating, maintaining, and updating databases in Excel
  • Communicate and coordinate as necessary
  • Provide daily report documenting activities for the day

Eventually, once you’ve proven that you can do more, you will be doing the following:

  • Producing direct mail pieces with mail merge using Microsoft Office and Microsoft Excel
  • Record details of inquiries, comments and lead follow up
  • Record details of actions taken
  • Assist in documenting policies and procedures
  • Other duties as assigned

1. Stable Internet connection
2. Desktop or laptop computer (no tablets please)
3. Skype with headset and mic
4. Dropbox account
5. Good English communication skills.
6. Familiarity with Dropbox and Google Docs

During the training will be for 3 hours for a few days and then working hours would be anywhere from 6PM to 6AM.

Salary is low since a data entry virtual assistant job doesn’t require one to have a lot of skills. If there’s procedure or task you don’t know, just tell us and we’ll teach you. The rate will will increase over time especially if you are able to prove that you are highly adaptable and trainable.

We need someone who has a CAN DO attitude, able to absorb instructions quite well, and pays attention to detail. Experience isn’t necessary. This may become full time. =)

I have been working for this client for close to 3 years and I intend to stay with them.  This client knows how to value their contractors/employees.

Remember, this is for those who do not have a lot of skills or don’t have experience to land a good home based job.


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