UPDATED! FunnyEdu Online English Teachers – Home Based

FunnyEdu Online English Teachers

FunnyEdu is an online English learning site for Koreans. The company is looking for home based online English teachers with experience.

FunnyEdu online English teachers should be at least 20 years of age and a college degree holder who has taught at least 1 year and has a neutral accent.

This is a home based job so teachers should have a good computer with a wired Internet connection. It’s best to use a headset to hear conversation with students clearly. Internet connection and microphone will be tested, just to make sure connection is stable and the teacher can speak clearly.

The rate is now PHP 140-250/hour (it used to be 120).

UPDATE! Their rate now starts at P160/hour! Their rate has increased! Yay!

The website is http://www.funnyedu.com/

The ad poster is teacher Melanie Española Ruadil, she posted this on Facebook. Her Skype ID is  t.melanie. Please add her.

I’ve posted for the same company on my old blog, upon the request of my friend Cheryl. That time, 2 FunnyEdu online English teachers were needed ASAP.

Some of the details on this page has been changed. Please contact Melanie if you need more information.

2 thoughts on “UPDATED! FunnyEdu Online English Teachers – Home Based

  1. I read your post that you are looking for an English Tutor home based online. I have no experience in teaching online but I have experiences tutorial class in Koreans. I want to apply in your company with regards to my experience I have mentioned.

    • Hi Jonnalyn,

      I am not affiliated with the companies/sites posted. I just post job leads. There’s a contact person mentioned in every lead. Please contact them for more information.

      Good luck.

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