Virtual Assistant for Financial Reporting – CLOSED

Virtual Assistant for Financial ReportingSomeone has asked me to help find a virtual assistant for financial reporting for their business. The business has been around for years but they are doing a complete overhaul so they are practically starting from scratch.

Here are main requirements for this full-time position:
* Strong English skills (reading writing and speaking).
* Have their own computer.
* Have reliable Internet access at home.
* Have Microsoft Excel installed on the computer.
* Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Excel.
* Basic familiarity with accounting / bookkeeping.
* Integrity working with sensitive company financial information.

Previous experience as a VA is also required. You will be working at night, US time. Remember that this is a full time, home-based job.

They will provide training in all areas, and will be available daily to help the person learn all new systems.

Send your application letter and resume to

In your application letter, say something about yourself and why you should be hired, minimum of 100 words. You’ll be contacted once you pass preliminary screening.

Good luck!


I have nothing to do with the job so I don’t have any idea how much the salary/rate is. Please ask Lucian directly.