I Need A VA is Looking for Virtual Assistantsxx

I Need A VA seeks dynamic individuals who possess excellent communication, time management, and problem-solving skills. What they’re looking for: Attention to detail and accuracy in handling information. Ability to multitask and adapt to changing priorities. Tech-savvy with knowledge of online communication tools (e.g., email, chat, videoconferencing). Strong problem-solving and decision-making abilities. Self-motivated and able

Virtual Assistant for Financial Reporting – CLOSED

Someone has asked me to help find a virtual assistant for financial reporting for their business. The business has been around for years but they are doing a complete overhaul so they are practically starting from scratch. Here are main requirements for this full-time position: * Strong English skills (reading writing and speaking). * Have their own

Getting Sick as a Freelance Virtual Assistant

Getting sick as a freelance virtual assistant isn't an easy thing. As a freelance virtual assistant, you don't get any benefits since you're not really an employee of your client. You are an independent contractor so you don't get bonuses, paid vacation days, etc. Although there are some clients or companies that give bonuses and